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Total E&P do Brasil is the Total Group company that operates in the Brazilian oil & gas Exploration & Production (E&P) sector. In recent years, Total has significantly increased its presence in the country and is consolidating its operations and investments, considering the potential of the local industry and its long-term commitment to Brazil.

The company currently has a strong and diversified portfolio, focused on deep offshore and composed of 22 E&P blocks in seven basins offshore Brazil,10 of which as operator.

Total is one of the main international oil and gas producers in Brazil and aims to increase its local production to 150,000 barrels/day by 2025, considering the E&P portfolio built in recent years.

Among its main assets are the Lapa Field, where Total became the first international company to operate a producing field in the Brazilian pre-salt, the Mero Field, one of the main oil producing fields in the country, and the fields of Iara cluster, all located in the Santos Basin pre-salt. In addition to the promising C-M-541 Block, acquired in 2019 and located in the Campos Basin pre-salt.

In 2017, Total E&P do Brasil signed a Strategic Alliance with Petrobras, strengthening technical cooperation in operations, research and technology, in addition to developing new business synergies between the companies.


Recognized for its broad experience in deep offshore, especially in West Africa, Total brings its technical expertise to Brazil. Overcoming challenges and developing technology to operate efficiently and safely in wells at more than 2,000 meters water depth is one of the company's main strengths and one of the pillars of its business strategy.

The potential of the Brazilian pre-salt meets this strategy, making Brazil a key country for the growth of the Total Group. Total E&P do Brasil takes part in some of the main pre-salt projects in the Santos Basin and in the Campos Basin, being able to share its knowledge in the deep offshore sector with its partners and contributing to the development of these high potential assets.

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Lapa Field – In 2018, Total acquired a 35% stake as operator in the Lapa Field and became the first international company to operate a producing field in the Brazilian pre-salt. The Lapa Field produces through the Cidade de Caraguatatuba FPSO, with a production capacity of up to 100,000 barrels of oil per day. In 2020, Total completed its first drilling campaign as an operator in Lapa. The consortium partners are Shell (30%), Repsol Sinopec (25%) and Petrobras (10%).

C-M-541 Block – In October 2019, Total increased its presence as an operator in the Brazilian pre-salt by acquiring a 40% stake in the C-M-541 Block, in the 16th Bidding Round held by the Brazilian National Petroleum Agency (ANP). The block is located in the Campos Basin and the consortium plans to drill the first exploration well in 2021. The consortium partners are Qatar Petroleum (40%) and Petronas (20%).

Mero Field (Libra) - Total is part, with a 20% stake, of the Libra consortium, one of the largest oil and gas projects ever developed by the global E&P industry. Oil production in Libra started in 2017, in the Mero Field (located in the northwest area), with the Pioneiro de Libra FPSO. As the next stage of the asset development, three large FPSOs, with a capacity of 180,000 barrels/day, are expected to startup, including the Guanabara FPSO, scheduled for 2021. Libra consortium partners are Petrobras (40%, operator), Shell (20%), CNPC (10%) and CNOOC Limited (10%).

Sururu, Berbigão and Atapu fields (Iara cluster) - In 2018, Total acquired a 22.5% stake in the Iara area. The license comprises the Sururu, Berbigão and Oeste de Atapu fields. Production started in November 2019, with the first oil from the P-68 FPSO, which operates in the Berbigão and Sururu fields. In June 2020, production started in Iara's second FPSO, P-70, which operates in the Atapu Field. Each of the FPSOs has a capacity of 150,000 barrels per day. The consortium partners are Petrobras (42.5%, operator), Shell (25%) and Petrogal (10%).

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